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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ultimate Pleasure Part 26

Here is the 2nd batch of clothes we got from abroad. Enjoy! :)

T0054 RM38
A cute top with ribbons at front, suitable for a casual wear.
Colours: Grey (SOLD), Orange.
Material: Cotton

Measurements (lay flat):
B: 39cm
L: 64cm

D0045A RM42 SOLD
This is a simple dress with lines pattern on the sleeves and a short collar, elastic on the bottom.

Fits UK size 6 - 8
Material: Cotton

Colour: Black

Measurements (lay flat):
B: 38cm
L: 72cm

D0046 RM40 SOLD
An over-sized dress with grid lines pattern, button attached on the both side of the sleeves. There's also a band for you to tie around the waist, can be taken out and replace it with a belt of your choice.

Material: Cotton
Fits best UK size 6 -8

Measurements (lay flat):
B: 54cm
L: 82cm

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ultimate Pleasure Part 25

Hola girls! This time we manage to bring in beautiful and affordable clothes from abroad. Therefore, every pieces is limited and non restockable, so grab it fast!

D0043 | RM53
Yes, if you're right! It's a jumpsuit. Sleeveless, button down and elastic on the waist. Pockets at sides. Fits UK size 6 - 8.
Material: Polyster
Colours: Pink and black (SOLD)

B: 41cm
L: 83cm

Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ultimate Pleasure Part 23

*click on pictures to enlarge

D0040 | RM60 RM30
Yet another simple dress but with some details in front. The material for this dress is polyster.

Measurements (lay flat):
B: 48cm
L: 80cm

Colours: Black (SOLD), Grey (SOLD)  & White SOLD

Fits UK size 6 - 10

D0041 | RM45 RM30
Patterns satin dress, with big pockets at sides.

Measurements (lay flat):
B: 45.5cm
L: 80.5cm

Material: Satin

Colour: Brown & Red (SOLD)

Fits UK size 6 to 8

T0043 | RM50 RM20
Pleated front satin top, comes in two colours - bronze and black.

Measurements (lay flat):
B: 46cm
L: 62cm

Colours: Bronze & Black

Fits UK size 6 - 8

T0044 | RM39 RM20
A simple top for the working lady. 

Measurements (lay flat):
B: 43cm
L: 60cm

Colour: Yellow
Fits UK size 6 - 8

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ultimate Pleasure Part 22

SK0004 | RM43 RM25
Sheer chiffon mini ra ra skirt, looks perfect on plain tank top. Stretchable elastic waistband.
fits size UK6-10

Colours Available: Black SOLD  & Green

Measurements (lay flat)
W: 31cm
L: 32cm

D0038 | RM79 RM30
This is an amazingly playful dress, ends with a balloon hem. Hidden side zip, pleating at front. Comes in two fresh colours, orange and green!

*fits UK size 6-8

Colours Available: Orange & Green (SOLD)

Measurements (lay flat)
B: 36.5cm
L: 81.5cm

T0040 | RM45 RM20
Geometric print satin blouse and button front.
Sizes: S & M

Measurements (lay flat):
B: 38
L: 59cm

B: 40
L: 59cm

Thursday, July 24, 2008


*click on picture to enlarge

T0008 | RM35 RM 10

D0001 | RM49 RM 10
SOLD: Bronze, Purple.
Colors Available: Green, Grey

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

KLue Urbanscapes

Speaking of creative arts festival, KLue Urbanscapes will be around really really soon (exactly 11 days).

(image courtesy of

If you're a music, arts, lifestyles, or film by the best local scene kinda person, this will be your main reason to come.

If you enjoy music, Junk will be hosting and it sure won't make you sleep.

We are sure that you like fashion, clothes and colours; hence this should be a very very super duper strong reason for you to come. We are pretty sure about that.haha. Come to the market place where you can find fashion, stuffs and us there!

You should come because
i) You don't have to pay to go to Market Place. Yay! We like free entrances.
ii) KLue Urbanscapes doesn't just happen every year.
iii) If you don't want to see us, you should come and see other stalls.
iv) Lastly, you know you want to see us. Deep down there. ;)
*btw, we're under Bijou Bazaar.
Well, if you like some tickets to go in and watch performances, you can either
i) purchase them (for more info, visit Urbanscapes)
ii) win some tickets (you can visit Bijou Bazaar on the contest) they are giving out quite a big number of free tickets.

The solid information:
Time: 12pm - 12am
Date: Saturday 28th June 2008
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts CentreSentul Park, Jalan Strachan51 100 Kuala Lumpur

At door - RM35
Pre-sale - RM25
Pre-sale tix available at:
KLPAC Box Office (03 4047 9000) or
The Actors Studio Box Office, Bangsar Shopping Centre (03 2094 9400)
*For more info, visit Urbanscapes

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Post Bijou Bazaar!

Well, just decided to take a break from the updating but nevertheless in these few days, you'll be able to see updates again!

So it has been kind of overdue, it's always better late than never. ;)

We want to thank our friends who scheduled their time to show support, our loyal customers who came by again! ,readers who came by and say hi , Maryam and the Bijou gang, the other stall vendors (haha!) and lastly whoever who came and made the place merry!

To those who missed out and yet curious on " does this bazaar thing looks like?"...these are answers to your questions.

Cheers. Goodnight. =)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Come see us... for real...

Want to feel, touch, hold, and even smell our clothes? You can so possibly do it now because we will be at BIJOU BAZAAR on next weekend.

*p/s: We will be bringing some of our own designs there as well.

( 31st May & 1st June' 08)
( 3pm til late !!!)
(Jeumpa D' Ramo; 102 & 104 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar)

How to get there? No worries, women can read map!

* click to ENLARGE*